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Cherry Waves now available on HBO​

We are pleased to announce that Cherry Waves, starring CTM's Shaw Jones, is now available on HBO Demand and HBO Go. Hope you'll take a look at this compelling drama. 

Christian Bale transforms to play Dick Cheney in Backseat

The entertainment publications are abuzz with news of Christian Bale's rapid weight gain and Amy Adam's transformed appearance for the Dick Cheney biopic, Backseat and once release is closer, we're sure another name will be popping up in conjunction with this film, our own Violet Hicks! Violet plays young Liz Cheney, Amy Adams's and Christian Bale's oldest daughter in the film, which is already getting Oscar buzz. We're excited to see her on screen alongside such acting greats, including Steve Carrell, and are thrilled for the possibilities for this film!

Tilda Del Toro joins Universal's comedy, Night School

CMT's Tilda Del Toro will be joining Kevin Hart in the upcoming feature comedy, Night School. The film follows a group of troublemakers attending class in the hopes of passing their GED. Kevin Hart also co-wrote the script.

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― Gandalf

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